The four-state journey of social media’s most popular black bear has apparently come to an end.

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The bear, dubbed Bruno in social media, started his journey in early June in Wisconsin, making his way through Iowa, Illinois and Missouri.

In a press release Monday, the Missouri Department of Conservation reported his trek ended in the Wentzville area Monday.

Officials say Bruno had cornered himself north of Interstate 70 and near Highways 40 and 61.

It was determined Bruno had little chance of navigating his way through the area safely on his own.

Officials said that, in the interest of the safety of the public and the bear, he was sedated and transported from the area.

As for where Bruno was taken, the Department of Conservation said only that he had been transported to an area of suitable habitat outside the urban area and released unharmed.

Bruno’s trip took him through western Illinois, crossing I-72 east of Barry a week ago. He was reported to have crossed the Mississippi into Missouri at Clarksville.

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