This really isn't funny if you think about it. When it comes to getting wasted, 20 of the top 50 cities in America can be found in Iowa and Wisconsin.

MSN Health shared this sad ranking of which cities are notorious for having problems with their liquor based on a 24/7 Wall St study. What would you say if I told you 40% of the top 50 cities named are located in Iowa and Wisconsin? To quote Metallica, it's sad but true.

The ranking factored in 4 different metrics including adults who binge drink, driving deaths involving alcohol, household income and adults who say their health is either fair or poor. With all those numbers baked together, a staggering 20 Iowa and Wisconsin cities make the "top" 50.

I won't list them all, but just looking at the Iowa and Wisconsin cities in the top 10 is depressing.

1. Appleton, Wisconsin

2. Dubuque, Iowa

3. Sheboygan, Wisconsin

4. Green Bay, Wisconsin

5. Oshkosh-Neenah, Wisconsin

6. Madison, Wisconsin

7. Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

8. La Crosse, Wisconsin

10. Waterloo-Cedar Falls, Iowa

9 of the top 10 "drunkest" cities are dominated by just 2 states. Insane.

Just for the sake of comparison, I searched for a completely different source and found a 2021 World Population Review of what they consider the "drunkest" states using different metrics and virtually the same cities come up. Even on their map, you'll see it dominated by Iowa and Wisconsin.

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The biggest question is why. On the surface, when you have cities like Milwaukee where their baseball team is the "Brewers", you can see this is definitely a cultural problem. But, St. Louis has world-famous breweries, too and didn't make the list.

While it's easy to have a laugh at the expense of our neighbors to the north, it really is a problem that I hope gets better moving forward.

Check out the full article and list at 24/7 Wall St to learn more.

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