The holiday season will officially kick-off this week. We hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving on Thursday, and for those of you that are brave enough to start shopping, we wish you good luck in finding outstanding deals.

One of the big stories that has developed over the past few weeks is just how early Black Friday will begin in 2012. In fact, with some stores, Black Friday deals will begin even before Friday does! K-Mart has been open on Thanksgiving Day for a number of years, Big Lots will also be open on Thanksgiving, and the big news this year is that Wal-Mart will begin offering Black Friday deals at 8 p.m. on Thursday.

Tasos Katopodis, Getty Images

But just how early is too early? Even before Halloween, several stores already had Christmas trees and decorations up, and some shoppers do not appreciate it. Many feel that Thanksgiving is getting lost in the mad rush to Christmas. What do you think?