Beginning Tuesday, KHMO is hosting their Holiday Bids for Bargains sponsored by Harpole's Heartland Lodge during which you can bid on a number of items from area businesses including gift certificates, event tickets, food & drink, and more.

The process hasn’t changed too much as compared to previous Bids for Bargains auctions, so if you’ve participated in a prior auction(s), you are all set. If you HAVEN’T been a part of Bids for Bargains yet, here is everything you’ll need to know…

What items are being auctioned off?
For a full list of Holiday Bids for Bargains items, CLICK HERE.

How long does Bids for Bargains run?
Bids for Bargains runs from Tuesday, November 8 to November 19 (with the exception of Sunday and Monday) from 8:00 am until noon.

How do I know when the item I want will be open to bidding?
Tune into KHMO (1070AM) or KICK AM (1530AM) and we’ll keep you updated on which items are going “on the clock” that day. Selected portions will also be simulcast on 97.9 KICK-FM. Ten items will be up for bids at any given time.

Can I stream the auction online?
Yes. You can stream from,, or from the RadioPup app. However, the online stream is sometimes delayed up to two minutes. So if you want to hear and bid in 100 percent real time, your best bet is to listen to the station on the radio as opposed to the online stream. If you DO listen via the online stream, make sure to call in immediately so you don’t miss out on a bidding opportunity caused by a stream delay.

How do I place a bid?
Bids are placed over the phone and operators will be standing by to take your call. A full list of phone numbers is available HERE. You will be asked your name and your phone number for each bid you place (even if you are placing multiple bids on the same item). We have many operators taking many phone calls, and it can be hard keeping track of everyone.

Calls and Bids are taken during the entire auction on the 10 items on the board. Once an item is put "on the clock" you have to call immediately to bid on that item before it sells to the highest bidder.

How do I pick up and pay for my items after I win?
Items can be picked up from our Hannibal office (119 North Third Street) and must be picked up within three business days of the bid. For example, if you win an auction on Tuesday, you have until Friday to pick it up. If you win an item on Thursday, you have until the following Tuesday. Our office is open from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm Monday through Friday and 8:00 am until noon on Saturday. If for some reason you cannot pick up your prize in this time, please call our office at 573-221-3450 to make other arrangements. Items cannot be mailed or shipped. If you do not pick up your item(s) within the three days and do not make other arrangements, you are not permitted to place bids on any other items throughout the auction.

You can pay for your items over the phone (via credit card) or in person when you pick them up (credit card, check, or cash).