With the temperatures on the rise, this is your obligatory blog on playing it safe in the heat.

The National Weather Service has issued a Heat Advisory for the area from Thursday noon till 7 p.m. Saturday. High temps are predicted to hit 98 today, 106 Thursday and 102 Friday.

You've heard all the do's and don'ts before, but they always bear repeating. The best solution to beating the heat is to find someplace cool and stay there. If you have to be out for an extended period of time, take all the standard precautions -- wear light colored clothing, drink plenty of fluids while avoiding anything with caffeine, take frequent breaks if you're working, don't leave kids or pets in the vehicle if you have to run errands. And, if you have outdoor pets, make sure they've got water and shade.

If you need to do laundry or water the flowers, do it early in the morning or late in the evening.

I'm sure you've got your own list of things to do and not to do.

As someone once said, let's be careful out there.