Citizen involvement leads to passage of graffiti legislation in America's Hometown.  Pastor John Paul Tomko of Big River Chapel first submitted a copy of a Palm Springs, California graffiti ordinance to the Hannibal City Council.  Using that as a template, Tomko  met with city officials and helped craft a local ordinance that comports with Missouri law.

Tomko is hopeful one provision removed from the final draft can eventually be restored to the bill:  the portion directing city employees to assist property owners with  graffiti removal.  Due to liability questions and manpower issues, that language was deleted from the final draft.

Overall, Tomko is pleased with the legislation.  He says it is a step in the right direction and includes a strong definition of what graffiti is.

The city council gave the revised bill unanimous approval this week.  It includes a reward provision for turning in graffiti vandals, and makes those convicted liable for the amount of any reward paid by the city.

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