Here we are, down to the final day of campaigning before tomorrow's election in Quincy. The negative rhetoric has enhanced significantly in the Mayoral race and the Treasurer's race in the last few days.  

It is unfortunate that the political ads have to be so negative, but that apparently is the nature of the beast. As ugly as it sounds to the voters, imagine being the candidates! It would be tough to turn on the TV or radio or open the paper and see or hear negative things said about yourself by others.

Deserving those comments is one thing, but not deserving them is another. It's got to make your blood boil when it happens. It does make it difficult for good people to consider running for an elected position when they see how things are again this election and wonder, why would I put myself through that?

If I were to run for office, my campaign would be run as follows. "I like my opponent, I commend him/her for running for a public position to enhance the betterment of our community. I just feel I can bring more to the position that he/she can. I wish him/her well, but I hope you will vote for me and if you don't, thank God you are an American and exercised your right to vote for whomever you want."

Tell me please that I wouldn't get more consideration for the position I would be running for by handling things this way other than constantly bashing my opponent for weeks. It's time to get back to running respectful campaigns. Let's bring some dignity to our elections again.  What do you think?  Am I right?

Hopefully, it starts with the next election after April 9. Remember to vote tomorrow.