I'm a dad which means I walk around the house and turn off all unnecessary lights to save money because that's what dads do. Have you seen the electric bill? That's why I pay special attention to the grocery chain just named the most overpriced in America since it still has 3 Wisconsin locations.

Let me begin by saying I have nothing against these stores or the people that shop at them. No one is forcing you to buy groceries here so the fact that Delish has named them the most overpriced grocery chain in America really doesn't hurt my feelings at all.

Congrats to Whole Foods for this dubious honor. Their official store locator website shows they have stores in Wauwatosa, Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. By the way, have you seen how fancy their Madison, Wisconsin sign is? Impressive. I think they just opened a few months ago.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

The Delish article jokingly refers to Whole Foods as "Whole Paycheck" which made me laugh.

Everyone has a reason for shopping for food at their favorite places in Wisconsin. Either the store is most convenient because of its location and/or the prices are what they consider to be reasonable. If you love Whole Foods, all power to you. Do I shop there? Honestly, no because I'm that dad that turns off all the lights, remember? Still, to each his or her own. I ain't judging.

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