Say what you want about Missouri, but when it comes to great places to camp, few can rival the Show Me State for great outdoor destinations. That has proven true yet again as 2 Missouri camping places were just ranked among the top 10 in America.

The Dyrt just shared their brand new 2024 version of the best places to camp in America and two will be very familiar to Missouri people. Among their top 10, you'll see this Missouri place at #5 and it's one that's a little off the beaten path. It's B Berry Farms & Co. near Elkland, Missouri. They were praised for offering camping near "rows of honeyberries and thornless blackberries, or tucked into a grove of 50-year-old cedar trees".

The 10th best camping place in America is a bit more familiar to many in Missouri as it's Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park Campground in Middle Brook, Missouri.

Miles From Missouri via YouTube
Miles From Missouri via YouTube

Johnson's was selected again due to their "smooth-rock water park/play area in the East Fork Black River". I have had many tell me that Johnson's is almost a must-visit place at some point in your camping light simply because there are so many great places to adventure and chill out.

There are many great Midwestern choices on this new best camping spots in America list, but it's really awesome that two of them are favorites in Missouri. Camping is one of our strengths for sure.

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