How many times have you seen videos or pictures, or actually walked through a building that has obviously been a beehive of activity over the years, but now sits abandoned?

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On the one hand, there's the excitement of, "If these walls could talk, what stories they could tell." Then, there's the sadness and eerieness of thinking of what has become of what once was.

This abandoned building apparently has quite a history. The video doesn't show the outside of the building, but it is obviously quite a historic structure. It was built first as a movie theater around 1930 (maybe similar to the Fox Theater in St. Louis). The theater closed in the 60s. It appears that, over the next 50 years or so, developers came in to try and repurpose the building.

Between the closing of the theater in the 60s and 2010, when the structure was abandoned, it housed a courthouse, and dance club and, finally, a bowling alley.

In looking at the pictures and the video, there are several instances, particularly in the bowling alley and the bar, that it has a "Twilight Zone" feel ... in one moment there were bowlers and bar patrons there and then, suddenly, there weren't.

Bowling scorecards and shoes, glasses at tables, even a half-full jug of olives, all of which appear to just been. Left. Behind.

Abandoned Theater, Bowling Alley Leaves Eerie Feeling

This abandoned building has been a theater, courthouse, restaurant, bar and bowling alley. Now, it's just eerie.

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