Kansas City, Missouri just got named one of the 10 Cheap Weekend Getaways in the US Perfect for Any Budget, and the website that chose KC to be in the top 10 has a ton of good reasons for it belonging on this list, read all about it here!

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According to the travel website thetravel.com, Kansas City, Missouri is one of the 10 Cheap Weekend Getaways in the US Perfect for any Budget, it ranks 6th on their list ahead of cities like Las Vegas, San Antonio, Albuquerque, and just behind cities like Gulf Shores, Nashville, and the number 1 city on the list Milwaukee. So why does Kansas City make the list? Well, on the site they say...

" ...Sports fans can visit the Arrowhead Stadium, and admission-free museums include the Haskell Indian Nations University Cultural Center and Museum and the Money Museum. Nearby Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens and Ernie Miller Park and Nature Center are free outdoors options."

The site also mentions how there is a free streetcar service in Kansas City that serves most of the main districts tourists would want to explore, to read more about why they have Kansas City on this list, and to see the entire list for yourself just click here! 

I still have never spent real time in Kansas City and I'm starting to have real FOMO... Everything I hear and read about Kansas City is that it is perfect for a long weekend with friends or a significant other, power and light district, the restaurants, and museums all sound incredible, do you agree that KC is a great weekend getaway city?

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