Along with Adams County’s 81 new cases and one death, an additional 36 new COVID cases and two COVID related deaths were reported in western Illinois Tuesday.

The Hancock County Health Department reported two coronavirus related deaths, along with 18 new confirmed cases Tuesday.

Hancock County’s case total is now 1,167, with 307 isolated, eight hospitalized and 23 deaths.

Pike County reported 13 new COVID cases Tuesday, bringing their total to 1,205, with 117 active, 16 hospitalized and 33 deaths.

The Brown County Health Department reports five new coronavirus cases since Monday. Their case total is now 388, with 52 active, two hospitalized and five deaths.


A total of 72 new cases of COVID-19 along with one COVID related death were reported in northeast Missouri Tuesday.

The Marion County Health Department reported 52 new coronavirus cases, bringing their total to 2,526, with 322 active, 16 hospitalized and 35 deaths.

In Lewis County, officials report 18 new COVID cases and one death since Friday.

The Lewis County case total climbs to 724, with 46 active and 12 deaths.

Two new coronavirus cases were reported Tuesday in Clark County, running their case total to 537, with 12 active and 20 deaths.

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