(MONTICELLO)—Eleven people charged with methamphetamine conspiracy in Lewis County receive sentences in Federal Court.

36 year old Felicia Shults of Ewing gets 84 months in prison. 42 year old Robert Cookson and 52 year old Tim Vonholt of Quincy were sentenced earlier this year. Cookson gets two years… VonHolt gets a year behind bars. 57 year old Kevin Shults and 59 year old Kitty Shults of Ewing…35 year old Sean Bryan and 41 year old Billie Bryan both of Hannibal…26 year old Stacy Derecskey of Canton… 36 year old Robert McKim of LaGrange 35 year old Christopher Robbins of LaBelle and 32 year old Eric Winship of LaGrange are sentenced to five years probation.

These  defendants previously pled guilty to various charges including conspiracy to possess pseudoephedrine for the manufacture of methamphetamine, possession of pseudoephedrine for the manufacture of methamphetamine, and distribution of methamphetamine.

This case was investigated by the Lewis County Sheriff's Department and the Northeast Missouri Narcotics Task Force.