I had a terrifying moment this week. My wife let me know that her coffee maker had stopped working. (*shiver*) That is why it became more important than ever to learn the best places near Quincy, Illinois to get java. It was Yelp to the rescue.

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Tuesday, November 8 is National Cappuccino Day. That's what inspired this coffee quest.

If I haven't mentioned it already, this is NOT my list. I haven't tried all of them so that wouldn't be fair. I do know there are some local favorites on what Yelp says are the top places to get coffee. I also noticed that a few are missing which is curious.

To repeat, this is Yelp's list. Please don't harm the messenger which is all I am. The messenger. See if you agree.

1. Carter's Coffee Bar (Maine location)

2. Bailey's Coffee House and Fudge Shop

3. Carter's Coffee Bar (Broadway location)

4. HeBrews XI Coffee (West Quincy/Taylor)

5. Caribou Coffee

6. Electric Fountain Brewing

7. Quincy Tea Company

8. Starbucks

9. Calftown Cafe

10. Thyme Square Café

I would bet my bottom dollar that many will disagree with at least some parts of this list. There are few topics that people get hot and bothered over more than where the good (and bad) coffee can be found.

Once again, this is NOT my list. Check out the Yelp list for yourself and see what you make of this collection of java acquisition.

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