The Google Maps car has been spotted in Quincy, have you seen it?

I was headed back to the office when I saw the car sitting at the 24th & Broadway light, and all I could think about was how boring that has to be. To make sure you go down every street and every corner of almost every town in the world, but then again it has to pay decent right? I mean all you do is drive around with a giant camera on the top of your car and get images of the city/town.

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It looks like that Google Maps has not been in the Tri-States for a few years, and we all know how things have changed. We can only assume that they're freshening their Google Maps for the Tri-States (which is way overdue. All I can say is that you will want to be on your best behavior, because you never know what the Google Maps Car will take a picture of. All I can think about is singing the Where in the World is Cameron San Diego song when it comes to finding the Google Maps car.

If you happen to see the car driving around town, take a picture and let us know where it was spotted.

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