The playoffs get started this weekend, and the American Football Conference is as up-for-grabs as it's been in years. Which team has the best shot at a Super Bowl trip?

Any one of the six teams has a decent shot this year, setting up an exciting wild-card weekend. The fantastic rookie year of Andrew Luck has many people cheering on the Indianapolis Colts. Can they get past the renowned Baltimore Ravens defense?

The Cincinnati Bengals were finally able to put things together and make it into the playoffs on the strength of a 7-1 second half of the season. They'll face the Houston Texans, many people's early Super Bowl favorite. The Texans have struggled the past few weeks but may have enough in the tank for a big playoff push.

The New England Patriots appear to have returned to their past level of greatness, easily locking up a number two seed.

And finally, in one the top NFL stories of the year, Peyton Manning showed everyone that he was far from finished. His comeback season once again sees him in the playoffs, but in a Denver Broncos uniform this time around. His Broncos are the number one seed in the AFC.