An abnormal amount of people are finding great joy about a duck balloon that went completely rogue in the middle of a busy Chicago intersection.

The guy who captured the video explained how he was at the right place at the right time:

The video was taken on the corner of Irving Park and Western, it was a case of being at the right time and place. It was such a joyful and spontaneous moment, we kept hoping that the duck balloon wasn’t going to pop.

How this tiny balloon bird didn't end up getting zonked by the bazillion vehicles that cross this intersection every day, I'll never know.

Watching this duck balloon slowly drifting in-between cars, I could not help but think of the feather in the movie "Forrest Gump".

People have spent way too much of their time trying to find deep meaning in the floating feather in Forrest Gump, I wonder if we'll see the same philosophical discussions about the Chicago duck balloon?

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On second thought, would I rather deal with the real world problems right now or try to figure out a floating duck balloon? I'd choose the rogue duck balloon every time.

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