Ok, I know you are getting sick of the election commercials and we still have a month to go. You may have already said enough is enough and have tuned out the rhetoric until election day in November. One thing to remember before you shut it down until election day, November 6th, is that you need to be a registered voter if you want to exercise your privilege as an American and cast a ballot.  If you want to vote and are not registered yet, your time is running out.  The deadline to register in Illinois is this Tuesday and the deadline to register in Missouri is this Wednesday.

According to the Adams County Clerk's Office, they will be open this Saturday from 8:30 to noon to allow people to register.  The Clerk's office is normally closed on Saturdays.  There is also a "grace" period for people to register if they have moved or changed their status.  That "grace" period would run from October 9th through November 3rd.  Those people would also have to vote "early" on the day the re-register.  If you have any questions you can call the Adams County Clerk's office at 277-2157.

In Missouri there is no "grace " period beyond Wednesday's deadline so you MUST be registered by Wednesday if you want to vote on November 6th.  The Marion County Clerk's office will be open this Saturday from 9 to 1 in Palmyra  and also from 9-1 in Hannibal.  Those offices are normally closed on Saturdays as well. For more information you can call the Marion county Clerk's office a 573-769-2549.