If you thought UFO's couldn't get any weirder, you might want to sit down for this. A driver shared video of a UFO that was just spotted over Springfield, Missouri that appears to be a pulsating cube.

The video share included a rather detailed description from the witness giving backstory on what happened and what they think they saw:

I was on my way home driving north on Glenstone Ave in Springfield, Missouri at about 5pm on 10/18/21. I saw this thing kinda heading southwest from the northeast part of town. Watched it for a minute and thought it was a helicopter. As it got closer I thought it was a balloon or trash blowing around. As I got right up on it I could clearly see it was a cube spinning or wobbling on an axis. To me it kinda looked like it had auras coming off the bottom and middle if it but it could have just been the son reflecting off of it. It kinda hovered over the downtown area and that was when I was able to park my work vehicle in the turn lane and get my phone out to video it. I was tired from a long day and it was rush hour traffic so I didn't linger very long. After I stopped recording I was able to watch if for about a minute longer and to flew north west towards the Willard, Missouri area.. I figured this thing was so noticeable that surely others would get videos as well. I called my parents right after because they live in the area it went over. They said they didn't see anything but that they heard a loud noise at the time I was seeing this.

I'm at a loss as to what kind of object this could be. See what you think.

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One comment on YouTube mentioned this object appears to reflect the sun much like mylar would. That's an interesting thought if it's something as simple as someone who had a balloon go rogue from a party. However, I can't imagine why it would appear to be spinning like this object does if it's a balloon.

It's difficult to determine the size of the object as there's not much else in the sky to compare it to. As it stands, there's no firm explanation about what this "pulsating cube" over Springfield, Missouri was which makes it (by definition) an unidentified flying object. Hence, the UFO designation.

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