It's a mathematical fact that you are not likely to see one white deer in your lifetime. One driver was apparently triple lucky as he shared video of 3 white deer in one Midwestern yard.

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This fun deer moment happened in Wisconsin earlier this week. To say that you don't see this everyday is an understatement.

How rare is this? Very. Protect White Deer says that the chances of a deer being white are 1 in 20,000. Cool Green Science mentions that there are 3 different kinds of white deer. They are either Albino, Leucistic or Piebald. According to them, there is a belief that killing a white deer destines the hunter to experience a long run of bad luck. I'm not superstitious, but I don't think I'll test that theory.

As it is, it's a neat Midwest wildlife moment getting to see deer anytime. To see a white one is rare. As for 3 in one yard, almost certain to never happen for the rest of us like it did for this driver.

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