With so many buildings and areas that have a rich history, it's no small claim for a theater to say it's "the most haunted in Missouri" but that's exactly what's happened here.

One reason I tend to give more credence to the Landers Theater saying it's "the most haunted" is they aren't the only ones saying it. Only In Your State recently used that phrase to describe it. TV stations have also featured to locale to discuss what's going on there also. It's lead to an annual haunted ghost tour at the Lander which continues this year.

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What is it about the Landers Theater that causes so many paranormal reports? The Only In Your State article mentions a fire in 1920 that took the life of a janitor. He now (allegedly) can be seen in the balcony watching rehearsals.

Six foot tall blonde men looking out of windows when no one is really there are also mentioned as weird occurrences. Many patrons claim to have been tapped on the shoulder only to discover no one behind them. Shudder.

That has made the Landers Theater in Springfield a popular stop for ghost investigators over the years.

With a Missouri theater this old, what else would you expect?

The official Landers Theater website looks normal enough. No mention of otherworldly visitors there. Are you willing to visit it after hours to see if the stories are true? If you do and the door opens, just make sure there's a real person that turned the knob.

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