What would you do if you saw a huge hawk sitting in the middle of the road in obvious distress? One Iowa woman decided to stop and rescue one of these huge birds and shared video of what happened next.

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Based on the video description, this human saves hawk story happened in Honey Creek, Iowa which is a small town in the extreme western part of the state just north of Omaha. Here's how the lady described what she did and why:

I’m a mobile dog groomer and I was on my way home from work and there’s a curve where animals are always hit. This hawk was eating a raccoon that perished on the road and (obviously) got hit by a passing vehicle.

NOTE: there's a tiny bit of NSFW language in this one which is understandable considering she has a huge bird predator in her lap.

I can't find confirmation, but my understanding is the hawk is expected to make a full recovery as she transported him to a bird rehab facility. Sad that this bird who was taking advantage of an easy roadkill meal couldn't have been avoided by whatever vehicle clipped him. Not judging since I wasn't there, but you'd think a bird as big as a hawk would have been visible and the person could have done something to avoid getting near the bird. Oh, well.

All's well that ends well and kudos to this lady for taking the time to rescue the distressed hawk who will hopefully be back in the skies where he belongs soon.

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