An Illinois shelter has a unique idea about how to keep the spirits of the dogs they care for up. Sometimes they provide what they call a fun sleepover with a volunteer so the animals get the feeling of what it's like to be in a home again. New video shows what happened when a dog they have had for more than 100 days did this.

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Anderson Humane which has several shelter locations in Illinois just shared a video of "Dancer" on TikTok. He's a good boy that's been in their shelter for over 100 days so they decided to send him home with a volunteer and document what happened. The result is a touching reveal of how a dog can adapt so quickly to being in a loving home again. This video has gone wildly viral and has even been shared by Pet Helpful.

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This isn't the first time they've had animals go to volunteer homes for sleepovers. This good boy has been with them for 425 days and still has no forever home.

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Using video to encourage potential adopters is a great idea. Imagine how hard it is for the volunteers to return these animals to the shelter after they've had a great night out.

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