It sure is a pretty place. That's not exactly breaking news. However, this botanical garden in Missouri was just named the most beautiful in America.

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Livability has just shared their 2022 list for the most beautiful botanical gardens in the United States. At the top of their list is the one that's located practically in our backyard (OK, so a couple hours away). It's the Missouri Botanical Garden. This spring we shared some pictures from the Missouri Botanical Garden showing what flowers were in season.

What makes the Missouri Botanical Garden superior to some of the other amazing places around America? It seems that Livability attributes much of that to the Climatron part of Missouri Botanical Garden. It's a Geodesic Dome Conservatory that was designed by St. Louis architects over 60 years ago. The official website says that in 1976, it was named "one of the 100 most significant architectural achievements in United States history". Impressive.

One of the things I appreciate about the Missouri Botanical Garden is the fact that they make it affordable for most families to visit. General admission is $14 per person according to their official website, but kids age 12 and under get in free. Family entertainment for the win.

The official website has more details about the gardens. It's incredible with my ability (or lack thereof) to keep my wife's flowers from dying that this facility so close to us continues to thrive. Really not surprised though that it is now considered as good as it gets for gardens in America.

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