Here's an idea for the best holiday gift of all - how about the gift of a forever home for one of some 1,600 Missouri kids who are eligible for adoption.

As someone who brought home and adopted two young boys almost 40 years ago (I got two sons and seven grandkids out of the deal), I guarantee the gift of adoption would change your life and the life of a youngster who would like nothing better than a home and family to call their own for Christmas.

A check of the website shows pictures and stories of young people of all shapes and sizes, all looking for a home, maybe yours.

Here are a few Missouri kids up for adoption, with information from MO Heart


For this loving kiddo, there is nothing he delights in more than playing with toys. Bryson is keen on being outside. He appreciates the company of peers for playmates, and he does well with the adults he meets.


Wooden puzzles, interactive toys that light up and make sounds, along with stuffed animals, are this girl’s favorite ways to play. If Annie had her way, she would choose to swim and play at the park every day. Purple is the prettiest color in her eyes, and she adores all animals.


Alex is an inquisitive child who loves to ask questions! An interesting fact about this curious kiddo is his passion for drawing. Alex delights in showing off his drawings to everyone he meets. He greatly admires superheroes, with the Terminator being his favorite.


Being out and about is one of her favorite things to do. Aaliyah is thrilled when she is singing, and she loves music. Anything Disney is right up her alley, and she enjoys playing basketball and kickball. When she needs some tranquil time for herself, Aaliyah is interested in perusing her tablet.

Aurora, Rain and Sunset

Rain and twins Aurora and Sunset enjoy watching My Hero Academia together! Spicy shrimp lo mein is Rain’s most requested dish! The best side dish for lo mein is scrolling TikTok. Rain is a talented reader and writer and adds talking to the list of her unique skills
Purple is Aurora’s favorite color! Singing and writing are two things that she is fantastic at and enjoys doing.
Elephants are Sunset’s most-loved animal! Dancing and music are some of her favorite things. Sunset feels joy when singing and dancing, and after she is done,


Cheerleading is Abigail’s favorite activity! When she isn’t raising spirits through cheer, one can catch her enjoying the outdoors. She is fond of swimming and likes playing games. Listening to music is sure to put her in a happy mood. Pink is Abigail’s favorite color, and she lights up when near dogs (another favorite).


Grab some popcorn and a yummy treat, and settle in for a two-hour adventure; Adrien delights in watching Marvel movies! He most enjoys the wonders of Wakanda and the journey of Black Panther. Adrien enjoys Black Panther so much that he would want to have super strength just like him.


Art is a huge part of Candelaria’s, who likes to go by “Maria,” life! She doesn’t shy away from projects, and she loves putting pencil to paper to draw or paint to canvas to create original pieces. Along with art, Maria enjoys dancing, music, and singing. Rap is her favorite genre of music, and she never passes up a chance to relax and watch anime.


Benjamin, who likes to go by “Ben,” is an outdoorsman! From spending an afternoon on the bank casting his line to catch his share of fish to spending a day poolside and splashing in the pool, he appreciates it all. A sports fan, Ben is sure to be down for watching or playing basketball and football.

Aiden, Alexis and Tyson

Tyson, Aiden, and Alexis’s biggest dream is to go on vacation together with their family! If you like to read or play video games, you already have something in common with Tyson! He enjoys art and has a knack for coloring, and also likes spending time playing basketball.
Funny, loving, and plays well with others; there are so many great things about Aiden! Camping, hiking, and being outdoors is where he is happiest.
Making new friends is a natural skill for Alexis! This playful child interacts well with others and is known for being outgoing. Described as imaginative and creative, Alexis loves telling stories and favors unicorns and princesses.

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