Have you ever wanted to travel back to the late 1800's and see what life was like back then? There's one building in St. Louis, Missouri that gives you that chance. It's known as "The Cosmopolitan" and it's truly like hopping in a time machine and traveling back two centuries.

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This brilliant example of St. Louis architecture from the late 1800's ended up on my radar after the This House YouTube channel paid it a visit recently. Since it's officially available on Realtor, there are public pictures you can check out showing you what this building was like inside. This building was built in 1896 and was originally the Clark Peeper Furniture store in the early 1900's.

The 1896 St. Louis "Cosmopolitan" Was a Furniture Store Pioneer

The Realtor listing describes some of the particulars of this incredible structure:

The first floor lounge and reception area is Gothic...The brass elevator leads up to the mezzanine meeting area and third level loft apartment...The crown jewel of The Cosmopolitan is the Gothic 5th floor penthouse. Travertine floors, custom stone and tilework, illuminated stained glass, ceiling buttresses, and such modern amenities as Viking appliances and a home theater

You had me at "hello" Cosmopolitan. This historic St. Louis structure is available as of this writing for $1.4 million if you have some spare change (meaning "millions") lying around.

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