It’s fun to think back to when you were growing up. I grew up in the 80s and 90s. Some things haven’t changed very much since then. Others have changed quite a bit. Here are ten things those of us that grew up in Hannibal might remember from the 90s.


Watching the Olympic Torch come through town. Even those that didn't make it to see the torch in person probably watched the live TV news coverage.

Pizza Works! Then a movie at the theater in Northport Plaza.

Standing in line for autographs from the St. Louis Cardinals at the former Holiday Inn (now the Hannibal Inn and Conference Center) during the Cardinal Caravan.

Remembering your sunscreen, but somehow still ending up with a sunburn after Field Day at Hannibal Middle School, where you were wearing your awesome Umbros.

The Great Flood of 93.

Those little coin-shaped tags hanging on the hook under your favorite VHS rental at Great River Video.

Chowing down on donuts from the Food For Less bakery before school.

Waiting for one of the four kids playing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game in the lobby of Walmart to run out of quarters so you could squeeze in.

Getting angry when your favorite song wasn't No. 1 on the Fox Kids Countdown. You probably also watched a few Fox Kids cartoons on Saturday mornings, like Eek! The Cat, Life With Louie or X-Men.

Picking up a pack of cards at R&R Baseball Cards, then walking across the parking lot for an Icee at K-Mart.

A bonus one because it didn't actually happen in Hannibal:

Begging your parents to take you to Quincy Mall for a picture in the 1960s Batmobile when it came to visit.

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