We all know the Seven Wonders of the World, but do you know that Missouri has its own Seven Wonders?

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All state parks and all breathtaking in their own way, Missouri is filled with amazing views from these state parks and all can be visited by driving on one road. Onlyinyoustate.com found that if you take a 7-hour road trip, you can see all these wonders without ever taking several roads to get there. You will start in St. Louis to see the first wonder, The Gateway arch, and end in Southern Missouri at Mingo National Wildlife Refuge.

So, let's take a trip and a look at the Seven Wonders of Missouri, and the first stop The Gateway Arch in St. Louis. We've all been here, so we have one landmark crossed off our list. Still, it's a must-see for everyone that not only lives in Missouri but visits.

Next up, Onondaga Cave State Park which looks so cool. Explore miles of caves and water taken into a different world.

As we continue our "road trip" time to head to Clifty Creek Natural Bridge in Rolla, Missouri. A hiking journey for those who love nature (and snakes).

After a little break from that last hike, who's ready to see a waterfall? Johnson's Shut-ins State Park offers camping, hiking, lodging, bird watching, and some of Missouri's most beautiful natural features, like waterfalls.

As we keep heading south we come upon Mina Sauk Falls, a 2.9-mile trail located in Ironton, Missouri. This park is kid-friendly, and dog-friendly, with amazing views, rivers, wildflowers, and wildlife to see.

Elephant Rocks State Park is named after the elephant-shaped boulders that lay in the park. These rocks were creative over one million years ago and are the BIG attraction for everyone that visits this park.

On our final stop of the seven wonders, we end our trip at Mingo National Wildlife Refuge. It's been a trip, but if you stop and just look at a sunrise or sunset at the Mingo National Wildlife Refuge it's all worth the journey.

The 7 Wonders of Missouri

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