The debate has been going on for years — should Major League Baseball utilize instant replay more often? Would it be a solution, or a problem?One of the biggest problems with implementing more use of replay in baseball is how it will affect the speed of the game. It has the potential to slow down a game that some say is already too slow in the first place. How would it be used? Who would be able to call for it? There are a lot of issues surrounding it.

Baseball is a very traditional sport that doesn’t adjust to change very well. Both the players and fans are comfortable with how it is and don’t want to see things get different. However, if we were to see MLB use replay a little more often it may reverse some controversial calls. Umpires have the ultimate control and rarely change one of their calls during the game. This has the potential to sway a game, which can lead to disaster.

They already use replay to review controversial home runs, so what would be the harm in using it to clear up a strikeout or a stolen base? The other sports already use it. If they put proper rules in place it could make the game even better.