I am serious when I say relax when you see this. Yes, it is true that the United States "Doomsday Plane" flew over Missouri and Illinois last week. No, you shouldn't worry about it at all. Seriously.

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By the way, I'm not sharing classified United States secrets. You can follow the "Doomsday Plane on Flight Aware yourself. It's public domain knowledge.

What exactly is the "Doomsday Plane"?

What is referred to as the "Doomsday Plane" is actually a U.S. Air Force's E-4B Nightwatch. It's the most heavily-armored and fully-equipped plane in the world and yes, it is designed for worst-case scenarios like nuclear war, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, etc.

Where exactly did the "Doomsday Plane" fly and when?

Flight Aware shows that Sunday, July 24, 2022, the U.S. Air Force E-4B Nightwatch took off from its base in Nebraska and flew to Andrews Air Force Base. It's path took it over Missouri and Illinois around 7am that morning based on the path shared.

Infographic, Flight Aware
Infographic, Flight Aware

So the "Doomsday Plane" flew over my head and I shouldn't worry?

No, you shouldn't sweat this in the least. As Flight Aware shows, that was just one of 5 flights it gook over that 3 day period. While it is slightly unusual that the Doomsday Plane would be that active, it's no reason for alarm. It's not unusual for it to be on the ground for several months with no activity. This recent activity may indicate a response to situations around the world, but it also might not.

I share this because I've seen news like this shared with an alarmist message that the end is near. Know that the U.S. Air Force does keep some form of this plane in the area almost constantly. It's the common sense security blanket in a dangerous world. But, it doesn't mean that you should start losing sleep. Seriously, relax.

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