The Quincy Society of Fine Arts’’ board of directors voted to approve the addition of their 65th new member organization, the Antique Automobile Museum.  The  museum is owned and operated by the Mississippi Valley Historic Auto Club (MVHAC).

The museum building was built in 1968 by MVHAC in All America Park on land leased by the club from the Quincy Park District, to add to the attractions of the Quinsippi Island Entertainment complex.  Since then, the MVHAC has maintained and operated the Antique Auto Museum which contains over 30 antique autos, trucks and related memorabilia.

Every vehicle is owned by an individual car club member who volunteers to open the museum and allows their car to be on display for the enjoyment of the public. Vehicles vary from year to year as club members change what they display and new members join the organization.

The museum, located at All America Park, is open Sundays from noon to 4 pm Memorial Day to Labor Day and is available for tours by calling the Quincy Convention and Visitors Bureau at 224-3788 or 1-800-978-4748.  Admission is $2 for adults.