Well, it's finally happened. I have now, officially heard. It. All.

The organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is at it again.

These folks have a history of trying to change some of the animal-based phraseology we use in everyday language.

Back in 2018, PETA suggested, for example, instead of saying, "Kill two birds with one stone," we say, "Feed two birds with one scone."

Now, I will admit that suggestions like these are harmless enough and worth little more than a shake of the head before moving on to more important things.

But now, PETA has decided to mess with America's Pastime.

In a tweet this week, PETA officials said it was time to, "liberate the language we use in baseball." They say we should retire the term used for the area where relief pitchers warm up before coming into a game. PETA wants to replace the term "bull pen" with - wait for it - "arm barn."


The tweet pointed out that, "bullpen refers to the area of a bull's pen where bulls are held before they are slaughtered - it's a word with speciesist roots and we can do better than that."

To make a local connection, should the Hannibal Jaycee's expect to get a similar request from PETA to change the name of Tanyard Gardens, since that area was originally a yard where hides were tanned and I'm guessing wasn't a particularly pretty sight.

And another thing, in discussing this burning issue with my colleague Bill Shuler, he made a point that would make PETA's point moot.

Over the years, Bill and I have spent some time around baseball-type bullpens. Bill made the point that listening to the conversations going on in an average bullpen, the name would still apply, but in a way that would have nothing to do with cattle - if you know what I mean.

I guess my point is - people have been messing with baseball enough lately - runner on second in extra innings, National League designated hitter, seven inning doubleheaders - without messing with anything else.

And, besides, try saying "Arm Barn" ten time fast.

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