This plant spreading across the nation can be found in Missouri and even though it looks pretty you do not want to get near this plant.

Hemlock might seem like something out of a painting of its beauty, but to a human touch can be severely poisonous. According to MU Extention, this particular weed/plant is highly toxic to humans and animals.

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The weed itself can grow up to six feet tall and is found mainly in fiends and fence tows (which there are a ton of those in Missouri). Some symptoms include reduced heart rate, trembling, nervousness, and respiratory issues. This is one weed you do not want to mess with.

If you happen to find this plant in your yard or around your fence you are advised to dig up as much as the plant you can and remove it. You can use brand-name weed sprays to start the process by killing the weed and then removing as much of it as you can.

Make sure you have a thick pair of gloves on and long sleeves when removing this weed, there is no known treatment if you happen to get in contact with this weed. So be careful.

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