Oklahoma is shaking tonight. A series of earthquakes have been reportedly felt by thousands centered just to the northeast of Oklahoma City. Yes, Missouri's neighbor is shaking.

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The USGS reported a series of quakes that happened in quick succession Friday night with the largest (so far) registering 4.4 on the Richter Scale.

Location of Friday's Oklahoma earthquakes.

These are not tiny quakes. The largest centered near Oklahoma City was felt by thousands as far away as Tulsa.

4.4 earthquake near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Friday night.

The swarm of Oklahoma quakes continues as I write this, but here's the current list so far.

Oklahoma City quakes Friday night list.

Storm chasing groups in that part of Oklahoma reported feeling these quakes, too.

As this is a developing story, I will update it as new information is released. No reports of damage so far.

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