If a new map prediction is correct, we should start to see fall colors in Missouri and Illinois in the next few weeks.

Which season is your favorite? I can't make up my mind if Spring or Fall would be mine. As of now, I would vote for fall as it's hard to beat the time of year when the leaves start to turn all yellow and orange. Smoky Mountains has just released their annual fall foliage prediction map and if it's accurate, we'll see fall colors begin to change any day now.

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If you check out their map for the week of September 27, you'll see that's the time when leaves will begin their transformation for us.

Smoky Mountains.com

Bump it ahead into the week of October 4 and you see even more of our area becoming Fall-like.

Smoky Mountains.com

By middle of October, our area should be at peak for yellow and orange Fall leaves.

Smoky Mountains.com

Thank you photosynthesis for being you. We love our fall colors and I know many will start planning weekend drives down the river roads to see them in all their brilliance.

Check out the interesting Smoky Mountains website for week-by-week breakdowns of when the Fall colors will get good.

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