I've love to see a Bigfoot someday. Perhaps you would, too. If an encounter with Sasquatch is on your to-do list, you might want to get rid of your lawnmower if a new story by a Missouri woman is to be believed.

One of my favorite YouTube channels, Buckeye Bigfoot, is back with a whopper of a tale involving a Missouri woman and yard work. Her name is Dee and she says Bigfoot will not be taking care of your landscaping any time soon.

Grab some popcorn and enjoy a good Sasquatch lawn tip.

I'll summarize in case you missed any part of Dee's story:

  • Dee and her mom have land in Missouri
  • The grass on their land used to be eaten by horses
  • They purchased their first riding lawnmower after the horses left
  • They would put tarp over the mower when it wasn't being used
  • Bigfoot would tear up the tarp over the mower

One night Dee's mom left the mower out and the next day they found it turned over by the pond. Why? Bigfoot.

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This all adds up to lawnmowing = mad Sasquatch. They also noted that Bigfoot would eat most of their prunes. Would hate to be the person in charge of cleaning up Bigfoot's bathroom after that.

There is also mention of apple throwing by Bigfoot near Dee and her mom's land, but that's a story for another day. The lesson learned here is that if you want Bigfoots near your property, you better get some horses and leave the lawnmowers alone.

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