Ever have a bad dream when you were a kid or be convinced there was something in a nearby closet or under a bed? There's a new security cam video from a Missouri family's toddler room which shows there may be something strange like that going on.

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Here are the exact words from the Missouri mom who shared this video:

This frightened mother claims an unknown presence interacted with her daughter who was asleep in her bedroom. Amarissa Collins, a 25-year-old stay at home mum from Southern Missouri, US, captured the moment with her baby monitor on the 19th of May 2022. 2-year-old Memphys is a very happy and playful toddler, she recently started sleeping in her own room and was completely fine until she started to wake up more. This started to happen more frequently, so her parents decided to put the camera in her room and start capturing what was happening. One day, Amarissa was locking up her chickens and heard Memphys crying, she immediately knew that this wasn't her normal cry and rushed to check on her. When Amarissa ran into the room, Memphys was pointing to the other side of the room trying to alert her mom that something is there even though she hasn't learnt to talk much yet.

Watch her daughter's leg closely and you'll notice strange movement...then she starts crying.

A couple thoughts. First of all, these cameras are not high-resolution normally and it's not uncommon to see some small interference or a dropped frame. But, that can't explain why she starts crying and eventually points to the other side of the room. That's what makes me suspicious that there is something paranormal at work here.

What do you think? A monster in the closet or just a security camera acting up?

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