I am embarrassed to admit that I'm truly surprised by this. Brand new moving data has just been released for 2024 and it shows a shocking number of movers who are now choosing to move to Missouri.

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Paint me surprised. 24/7 Wall St just dropped a new study about the states that are growing the most and Missouri is not near the bottom of the list. Not even close. 

The narrative I've heard shared by the national media seems to be that people are fleeing Missouri and Illinois. That's only half right. Yes, Illinois is seeing a population loss, but not Missouri. Check this out.

How much is Missouri growing in 2024?

According to the data just shared today by 24/7 Wall St, the state can expect nearly 20,000 new residents. The breakdown is interesting. It shows that Missouri's population is being affected more by newcomers than those being born or dying. Their data shows slightly more Missourians passed away in the new year than those new lives born. But, that deficit is more than being made up by people not currently in Missouri moving here. Curious.

Since I tend to be the curious type, I dug deeper. Here's a key metric shared about new Missouri residents incoming:

+11,171 domestic migration; +7,852 international migration

Now I want to know where internationally is Missouri getting all the new people? Did Missouri suddenly get popular in Norway? Asking for a Sven friend.

The 24/7 Wall St study is an interesting read that does show Iowa and Illinois near the bottom of the growth list. Truly surprised by Iowa's numbers, too. Check it out for a deeper dive on why Missouri is allegedly about to grow.

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