The best stories begin with "dad convinced mom to do something". That's apparently the story behind a doorbell cam video that captures the moment a mom in Mexico, Missouri was convinced that riding her son's dirt bike was a good idea. Spoiler Alert: it wasn't.

This was just shared today on YouTube. Here's the story about how this mom on a dirt bike moment happened:

Dad told mom that riding a dirt bike was like riding a bicycle. Mom decided she was ready to give it a go. And the video shows the rest.

Dad says dirt bikes are just like bicycles? Someone's sleeping in the guest room tonight.

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The good news is mom wasn't hurt. As for the dad, I imagine he got quite a talking to. I noticed that he was the last one to arrive by her side to check on her. This man now understands fear.

I'm all for people living new experiences and there's nothing to stop this mom from getting back on and becoming a dirt bike champion someday. As they say, no pain no gain. (and no viral mom on a dirt bike videos either)

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