Mayor John Spring presented his State of the City address at the Quincy Exchange Club meeting today. Before beginning the address the Mayor complemented the snow removal crews and the Quincy Police Department as well for their efforts in handling our recent snow storm.

As part of his prepared comments, the Mayor stated he wants to keep the city moving forward and one way to do so is to upgrade the technology needed to do so.  He mentioned a new user friendly web page will be up and running for the city next month and that the addition of iPads for the City Council has helped with communications between members, City Hall and their constituents.

Mayor Spring also thanked his department heads of which many were in attendance.  He stated that the city’s biggest accomplishment has been its handling of finances and the continued safety of its citizens. The city has had a balanced budget for the last 8 years according to Spring and the city also has a reserve fund despite the economy of the past few years.  One of his objectives is to protect municipal revenues from going to the State of Illinois.

The Mayor talked about the economy, public safety, education, infrastructure, transportation, and the challenges ahead. One of those challenges will be to find funding to build a new bridge over the Mississippi River to replace an aging Bayview Bridge.