It's been a long, cold, snowy, slippery winter for the Hannibal Nutrition Center.

Debbie Catlett is the Director of the nutrition center. She says this winter has been especially tough on the center and its home delivered meals program. The center delivers some 350 meals per day to home-bound seniors. The snow and ice that has come through the area has resulted in the center being closed for a number of days, and the home delivered meals to be cancelled. Catlett says that, when the center has been open, making sure the center's sidewalks and parking lot are cleared has also been an issue.

But, Debbie also said that many have stepped up to help the center. BPW employees and other city workers with four-wheel drive vehicles have stepped up this winter to help deliver meals when the streets were not in the best shape.

The home delivered meals got a big boost from the recent fundraising dinner and auction. About $13,000 was raised for the purchase of food for the program.

Debbie Catlett was a guest on KHMO's Talk Back: