Quincy Community Theatre has opened auditions for its QCT on the Road production of 'BUD and the Bully,' March 5 by appointment only for grades 4-12.


Tye has a problem. A bully named Alex and his friend Chris pick on Tye, tease him and generally make his school life miserable. Tye’s brother tells him the way to deal with bullies is to punch them. Tye’s sister thinks he should just hide and try to be invisible whenever Alex is around. But Back Up Dog, a super pup in training, has a better idea. He sees that Tye’s passive behaviors make him a target for bullies and teaches Tye to stand up straight, look the bully in the eye, and speak with a strong voice. Tye is soon able to do that and more! He finds that he can turn a bullying situation around by asking questions, pretending to agree and giving compliments. And, most importantly, Tye learns that reporting bullying is vital—adults can only help if they know what is going on.

Participating in this play gives student actors an opportunity to inspire younger children to respectfully defend themselves in a bullying situation. This show will also motivate others to create an environment where bullying is not tolerated and reinforce the concept that caring for fellow students is beneficial to stopping bullying.

QCT is looking for young actors with great versatility – the ability to portray multiple dynamic characters. As performances will be held in “found theaters,” such as a gymnasiums and cafeterias, it is necessary for the actors to fill a room with their voices and energy. Each role will be double-cast with two different casts that will tour, rotating performances.

Since this is a touring production, the actors must be able to be excused from classes. Actors will not need to miss a full day of school for a performance. Due to the specific, detailed staging of this show, it is unlikely that an actor will be allowed to miss a rehearsal.
Auditionees are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the script, character descriptions, current performances, and rehearsal information, available online at 1qct.org.

All roles are available and all are welcome to audition, regardless of experience. To schedule an audition or for password information, contact the box office at (217) 222-3209.