It was a stormy weekend in parts of Illinois and also Missouri. In some cases, the sky was electric - literally. Brand new video captured the moment when 6 Illinois buildings were all struck by lightning at the same time.

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Dan Robinson is one of the premier photographers when it comes to capturing incredible moments in storms. He was apparently in the Chicago area over the weekend where he saw intense lighting. Here's the quick backstory he shared on his YouTube share:

More than 18 upward lightning flashes occurred to Chicago skyscrapers during overnight storms on July 29, 2023. Three of the upward flash events produced strikes to four, five and six buildings simultaneously.

Absolutely amazing video and images of lightning and skyscrapers getting zapped.

According to Dan's share, he used a Chonos 1.4 high speed camera which enabled him to capture the lighting video at 1,500 frames per second. Depending on the lens you add to it, that's easily a $5,000 camera according to the manufacturer's website.

As I said, Dan Robinson is one of the best photographers I follow on YouTube and he's a highly-recommended follow if you enjoy storms and the crazy moments they produce.

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