Missouri has plenty of deadly spiders and snakes that could either end your life or cause you to have a very bad day. But, did you know that one of the top 5 animals most likely to take your life in the Show Me State is one you'd never guess in a million years. I couldn't stop laughing when I learned it and you might respond the same way, too.

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Don't blame me for this one. It's Birdwatching HQ's fault. They shared the 26 most dangerous animals in Missouri and overall it is a very helpful guide of critters to watch out for.

Before I reveal a "deadly" creature that could end your existence, do you want to guess? If you're like me, you think of Black Widows, Brown Recluses, Copperheads and Cottonmouth snakes. Rattlers, too. But, this isn't any of those.

What is the 5th most dangerous animal in Missouri that could kill you? (You might want to sit down for this so you don't break anything when you start laughing)

Answer - Chelydra serpentina aka the Common Snapping Turtle

Death by turtle? That would be really hard to explain to the coroner.

Don't misunderstand me. You don't want to mess with a snapping turtle. I tangled with one in my driveway a couple years ago and nearly became a 4-fingered dude because of it. But, do I believe my life was at risk. Um, no. They do cover all of Missouri though.

Infographic, Birdwatching HQ
Infographic, Birdwatching HQ

Here's a pro-tip if you ever have a life-threatening encounter with a snapping turtle in Missouri. I'll give it to you free of charge. Ready?

Pro-tip to save your life if you see a snapping turtle: RUN

You are welcome.

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