I grew up in Missouri, but I didn't play Dungeons & Dragons. Apparently I was the exception based on a new ranking that says when it comes to tabletop D&D, Missouri is almost king.

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If you're not familiar with Dungeons & Dragons, it began as a tabletop fantasy game way back in 1974 before gaining worldwide popularity in the 1980's. Over the past few years, D&D has become famous again thanks to its inclusion in Stranger Things on Netflix. Demogorgon anyone?

What's the connection between Dungeons & Dragons and Missouri?

Homesnacks shared a ranking based on Google Trends determining which states play D&D the most. Look who's in the top 10. It's Missouri ranking among the states that still play Dungeons & Dragons the most.

Infographic, Homesnacks
Infographic, Homesnacks

Considering how digital the world has become, I place its newfound (again) popularity firmly at the feet of Stranger Things as it was featured at the beginning of the show and had the famous Eddie Munson scene in the most recent season 4. Truth be told, D&D is a constant undercurrent theme of the show.

I'm surprised that Illinois is so far down the list at #33. You'd think that Wayne and Garth and their friends in Aurora would love some tabletop D&D. Not.

The entire Homesnacks D&D ranking is an interesting read showing which states still like to nerd out.

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