You won't find many Missouri homes that has such a nice surprise hiding in the upstairs area. It's an elaborate estate already, but it's what's in the attic that is a true crowd-pleaser. It's a model train set that's almost as big as the city of St. Louis.

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The home nestled in the wooded area at 7327 Christopher Drive in Saint Louis is a gorgeous place. But, pay special attention to what this mansion has in the upstairs area.

This Missouri House is Hiding an Epic Train Set in the Attic

This 5-bedroom, 3 1/2-bathroom estate is currently back on the market according to with an asking price of $2,095,000 as of this writing. I have yet to see a model train anywhere in Missouri that can rival this one and that's not even taking into account how great the home and grounds are.

Time to check the couch cushions again to see if we can find enough spare change to make a run at this place.

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