Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear badges and one in Marion County has proudly served with his badge for 22 years. You can watch him sign off for the final time with his dispatcher.

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Sergeant Eric Jones has served the Marion County Sheriff's Office since September 15, 2001. The office shared video of his final sign-off with the dispatcher on their Facebook page. .

Watch Sergeant Eric Jones make his final sign-off here

I reached out to Marion County Sheriff Jimmy Shinn and he had this to say about Sergeant Jones:

I had Eric bank in 2021 as a young detention officer within our jail. He excelled with the walls of the jail, excellent communication skills and de-escalated many situations within the jail. Eric put himself through the Law Enforcement academy and was subsequently promoted to Deputy position. He continue to excel, was transferred to Hann Courthouse and was subsequently promoted to Sgt as officer in charge of Hann Courthouse, Courts, civil service, and door security. Sgt Jones was a essential part or our TEAM and will be greatly missed. You cannot replace 22 yr veteran Like Sgt Jones. He was respected among his colleagues and the Community. There is no replacing Sgt Jones within our Office. He will be great missed.

As a person who has many family members that have either served in law enforcement or still currently are serving in law enforcement, it's frustrating to me that you only see stories about police men and women when something goes wrong. That's one of the many reasons I love sharing stories about the service of officers like Eric Jones who quietly serve their communities for 22 years.

Congratulations to Sergeant Jones on his retirement and best wishes to him and his family for whatever adventures they have planned for the future. Please know the Marion County area appreciates your great work.

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