This does not necessarily mean we're gonna see the Property Brothers walking down Broadway in Hannibal, but it is nice that HGTV has just named the city as one of America's most charming small towns that you need to visit in 2023.

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My wife and I used to watch House Hunters all the time. We kind of got out of the habit when it seemed like every couple had a budge of $1.3 million while their only job was sharpening crayons, but I digress...

HGTV just shared their new Top 50 Best Small Towns to Visit for 2023 and among the list you'll find little ole Hannibal, Missouri. There's no mention of why, just a picture of someone walking by the Mark Twain Boyhood Home near the white picket fence.

The article says that they're featuring "the hidden gems of each state: towns with quaint shops and restaurants, fascinating histories, fun experiences and natural beauty." Take that as a big compliment, Hannibal. Normally when national sites start talking about "charming" in Missouri, towns like Hermann get mentioned. In this case, they apparently are factoring in the rich history of our river town.

Does it fix all of our challenges? Nope. Does it mean that Jonathan and Drew from The Property Brothers will suddenly appear and fix all of our porches? I wish. But, don't discount the importance of big brands like HGTV occasionally showing you love. Many people that have never visited or lived here will form their perceptions about us from mentions like this.

Now, HGTV, let's talk about all those House Hunter couples with unreasonable budgets...

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