In case you didn't know, there's already a big problem with feral pigs in Missouri. A new report says that an even larger version of these swine is headed toward Missouri if something isn't done to stop them.

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I saw this report just shared by USA Today and also the Washington Examiner among others about 'super pigs' that are currently wreaking havoc in the great white north and headed toward Missouri and other Midwestern states. USA Today calls it "an invasive species alert" that Minnesota, North Dakota and Montana are already bracing for.

How big of a problem could these 'super pigs' cause for Missouri?

The Missouri Department of Conservation says that a pack of feral hogs can destroy 10 to 20 acres in just one night. Considering the fact that reports say the population has now grown to 9 million nationwide, that gives you an idea of how dire this issue is.

The state of Missouri warns that these feral hogs are not just a threat to crops, but to humans, too. These packs of swine are very aggressive and are not afraid to inflict damage to anything or anyone that stands in their way.

The feral hog problem in Missouri is already severe. If the population of 'super pigs' crossing into America across the Canadian border makes it this far south, the problem will be exponential.

What can you do?

The state of Missouri says "to report feral hogs, call 1-573-522-4115 extension 3296". You can also report them online, too.

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