I have driven to and through this St. Louis suburb so many times in my lifetime, I've lost track. There's a reason I haven't lived there though. It's just been named the new 'best suburb' in St. Louis, Missouri and it's full of money and geniuses which I am neither.

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Movoto is a very helpful site for those who are looking for real estate and/or moving advice. That's why I expect many will turn to this new "11 best suburbs for St. Louis, Missouri" list. In the past, you'd see Clayton or Town and Country top these lists and they're still in the top 11, but they're no longer #1.

Living St. Louis via YouTube
Living St. Louis via YouTube

What is the best St. Louis, Missouri suburb for 2024?

Movoto says it's Chesterfield.

Why did Chesterfield get this nod and why do I say it's full of geniuses? Two reasons. First of all, the article mentions that 96% of the people that live there are graduates. I almost misspelled "graduates" right there which is why I'm not in Chesterfield. Also, the median income is over $96,000. When your career pays you that well, you made some great life decisions, Mr. Einstein.

I'll add my own personal note that when I was a youngster in northeast Missouri, we always considered it a treat to go to what was then a big mall in Chesterfield. Oh, those were the days. The video game and record stores alone were worth the trip.

Those days are gone now, but Chesterfield remains one of the nicest suburbs you can live in - if you're smart and loaded.

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